Other traditional sources of support are also

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Fifty five of the planned 70 homes have already been

Work ends on new council houses

will help those in desperate need of affordable housing in York and we looking forward to welcoming the first tenants moving in soon. Fifty five of the planned 70 homes have already been completed, in Hewley Avenue, Le Tour Way off Beckfield Lane and Lindsey Avenue in Holgate.

Another eight apartments at Fenwick Street near Rowntree Park should be finished in March.

The Pottery Lane houses have been built by ESH Property Services to high energy efficiency levels Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and to Lifetime Homes standards to ensure they can be easily modified as tenants needs change.

are lovely houses, and I think if anyone is offered them they should be delighted ## ## . However, she said it was disappointing not to see more affordable homes being built across the city.

houses were commissioned when we had a Labour council, and no new ones have been commissioned since we had a Lib Dem and Conservative coalition.

we are very pleased these ones have been built to such a high standard. As well as the 70 council houses either built or underway, the council has got government money to help build another 65 shared ownership homes.

She young and on the rise and could be even stronger

‘phenomenal training’ for brilliant year in the pool

She an aspiring Olympic swimmer who could well be a gold medal contender in 2021, so you can imagine who Winnipegger Kelsey Wog looks to for inspiration as she pursues her dreams ## ## .

How about 2018 Canadian Olympic swimming gold medallist Penny Oleksiak?

Not that she has anything against those two greats of the sport, but for Wog, the person she looks up to most is rock climber Alex Honnols, who is known for free solo ascents of big walls.

watched the documentary Solo and I listened to podcasts about him and his mental toughness is beyond anything that I could imagine, Wog said. really just amazing, phenomenal. toughness is something Wog has been working on improving over the last few years and she believes that made a difference in her brilliant 2019 20 season competing for the University of Manitoba Bisons.

definitely do have to be mentally tough in a sport like swimming, in any sport really, she said. something I definitely been working on and have gotten better at over the last three or four years. was recently named the Canada West Conference female athlete of the year and is one of the finalists for the national USports athlete of the year award.

Already the first Bisons athlete to win the Canada West award, she has a good chance of taking the national hardware as well.

Wog, a fourth year agriculture and food sciences student, won four national USports gold medals and set two records along the way.

She won gold in the 50 metre, 100 metre and 200 metre breaststroke as well as the 200 metre individual medley.

Her time of 2:22.42 in the 200 metre breaststroke is the fastest in the world so far in 2020 and her time of 1:04.44 in the 100 metre breaststroke was the fastest in the world in 2019.

She was previously named USports female swimmer of the year.

was having so much fun along the way and I really enjoyed pushing myself every day and trying to be the best swimmer I could possibly be, Wog said.

definitely was the best year of my career so far. Probably the thing that made it go really well was my training was phenomenal. I was taking recovery super seriously, going to hot yoga multiple times a week and taking a lot of time for myself to enjoy the process, enjoy each day and embrace the training life. course, her year could have been much better.

Wog was aiming to peak at the Canadian Olympic swimming trials in April and had her sights set on making a major splash in the pool in Tokyo.

Both those events, like everything else on the sporting calendar, were postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

felt a ton of emotions, Wog said. was super overwhelming. There was a span of 10 days where we heard about all of the cancellations of trials and Canada pulling out of the Olympics and the Olympics getting postponed. That was a really, really overwhelming 10 days.

see a sports psychologist on a regular basis and we have talked a lot about that. My parents where there to help me through it too. Wog remains upbeat. She young and on the rise and could be even stronger by the time the summer of 2021 rolls around.

definitely showed me that I was on the right track and that what I had been doing in training was really working, Wog said of her record breaking season. knew if I continued with that or improved on it, my performances would have been even better for trials and working forward toward the summer. a normal year, Wog would be headed to Calgary on June 25 for the Lieutenant Governors Awards celebration and she disappointed to be missing that opportunity but there are many things that make up for it.

super happy with how I been able to represent the Bisons, she said. loved every second of being a Bison.

think it would have been nice to go and meet the other finalists at the USports Awards celebration but it still a huge honour to be a finalist.

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